Schoolhouse Ornamental Cupola 16"


Schoolhouse Ornamental Cupola 16"

This is a classic Schoolhouse Cupola with a two sided roof. It looks great on any two sided hip roof on structures such as sheds, workshops, minibarns, garages and home additions.  This cupola is a beautiful accent to any smaller structure up to 20 feet in roof width.

The cupola features open windows with elliptical arches and a bracket so that you can add a "bell" to the cupola for that classic schoolhouse look. The "bell" in our picture is simply a plastic inverted bell flower pot that you can buy at any garden center for a few dollars and attach to the bracket with several wood screws.

This ornamental model is simply attached to the specific roof profile you have and no roof holes are required.

It is designed in two sections so that the base can be easily attached to the roof of your structure and then capped with the upper section. All Cupola Kits require only about an hour to assemble and include full instructions on how to install them on your specific roof slope.

Cupolas are sent ready for the finish of your choice and roofing. You can match the cover of the roof of the structure or clad them in prefinished metal or copper for a striking and dramatic look. .

Cupolas are packaged in 100% recycled materials to help our environment too.


Happy Building!

  • Model: 99818
  • Shipping Weight: 35lbs

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