A Copper Roof Creates the Ultimate Cupola

Copper remains unequaled in elegance and appearance. Copper roofs which have adorned the tops of buildings all over the world for centuries, have a long list of advantages. They are durable and lightweight, and you may have a weakness for that striking green patina finish that sets in after a few years. They stand tall against high winds and are even fire-resistant. Moreover, they can be measured to fit exactly over the roof, eliminating time-consuming and potentially wasteful cutting and trimming onsite.

Many people order our roof options for easy retrofitting onto an existing cupola, and can be installed by the end user within an hour. A copper roof is often ordered when an existing cupola is to be enhanced, or the original roof is damaged. We use roof grade 16 ounce copper on all our cupolas. The heavier guage withstands heavy winds and hailstorms. Many buildings with copper roofs have even outlasted their buildings spanning centuries. In fact, it's common to see a building torn down and the roof salvaged for installation on a new structure.

Copper is more money that virtually any other roof cladding however in the long term it's the cheapest since multiple replacements like shingles are not necessary.

Every year, more and more of the copper we use for our cupolas has come from recycled copper making the purchasing of a copper roof also environmentally friendly.

If weight is a consideration, copper is also much lighter than a comparable shingled roof of any size.

Copper takes some time to oxidize into its patina finish. Once completed, your cupola stands for longevity, establishment and credibility. Businesses often select copper roof cladding or copper clad cupolas because they create that feeling of stability and credibility within the minds of customers.

In every way, copper remains as the finest material you'll ever select for your cupola and our pricing and shop-installed service makes a copper roof affordable and practical.

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